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sale fishing tackle

How to Operate So That It Will Not Hurt the Fishing Rod

The fishing rod is the most important fishing tool for fishermen. As all fishermen know, there are many different fishing rods, some cheap some expensive.. For example, handmade bamboo fishing rods are very expensive. So how to make our precious fishing rod last for a long time is a key mater. 1.The rod lifting is […]

sale fishing tackle

Do You Know Some Mistakes in Purchasing Fishing Rods

Dear fishing friends, are you very confused when buying fishing rods? What kind do you want to buy? Which one is better? And there are various of businesses advertising, which makes it more difficult for you to choose. This time I will share my knowledge of choosing fishing rods. 1.Hard rods are good. It is […]

sale fishing tackle

How to Prevent the Fishing Rod from Breaking when Swimming the Fish

When the temperature rises in spring, many fish begin to become active, and the probability of fishing a big fish increases. But we need to learn the fish skills, so that when a big fish catches the bait, we can know it well and reduce the chances of breaking the rod and losing the fish. […]

sale fishing tackle

How to Select of Fishing Rod Length in Summer Time

The temperature and water temperature increase in summer, and the fish is more activity, but it also brings many negative effects. The idea of wild fishing should also be properly adjusted. Today, I’d like to talk about the method of fishing rod length in summer. The water regime, air pressure and temperature of wild fishing […]

sale fishing tackle

What Tools Do Fishing Beginners Need to Use to Fish

Fishing is a way of catching fish. Fishing tools are divided into basic tools and auxiliary tools. The basic tools mainly include fishing rods, fishing lines, hooks, bait, floats, etc. The auxiliary tools mainly include net, fish guards, fishing benches, brackets, sunshades, wild fishing lights, etc. Let’s introduce the functions of each tool in detail. […]

sale fishing tackle

How to Use and Maintain the Fishing Sea Pole

The sea pole is also called throwing rod. A reel is installed on the handle of the fishing rod, which is full of fishing lines. In this way, when you throw the hook forcefully, you can throw the hook to a far water area, and the throwing distance is very long. What is the use […]

Fishing Experience

Let Us Learn About Comprehensive Introduction of Luya Fishing Rods

Luya fishing rods are often marked with hardness and tonality just like handrods, but the hardness and tonality of Luya rods and handrods are different, and the hardness is not tonality. How can we distinguish the hardness and tonality of Luya rods? What is the difference between the two? I will give you a comprehensive […]

sale fishing tackle

From Which Aspects Should Beginners Judge the Quality of Fishing Rods

For some fishing friends, a fishing rod is very important. Even if you make the bait or fishing position very well, it is still difficult to catch fish if the quality of the fishing rod is not good. If the quality of your fishing rod is not good, it is very easy to break it. […]

sale fishing tackle

The Importance of Fishing Rods to a Fishing Man

Fishing rods are very important equipment for fishing man. A good fishing rod can make the angler more comfortable in controlling the fish, make the other operations of the angler more leisurely, and make the various operations of the angler more accurate and in place. Today I’ll tell my fishing friends. First, let’s explain the […]

sale fishing tackle

How Can Beginners Correctly Use Fishing Rods After Purchasing Them

Many fishermen will encounter the phenomenon that the fishing rod suddenly breaks during fishing. There are many reasons for this, but most of the conditions are caused by improper use or poor maintenance of the fishing rod. Therefore, before and after fishing, anglers will do some maintenance to the fishing rod after using it, so […]

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