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You Have to Remember the Precautions About How to Use the Fishing Rod Correctly

Many friends who go fishing for the first time don’t know how to use the fishing rod. Today I’ll teach beginner how to use the fishing rod correctly and the precautions for using the fishing rod. I hope it can help you.

Proper Handling of the Fishing Rod Sections

1. Draw and retract the rod in order. When using the fishing rod, take off the top first and draw it out from the top in order. The force shall be the same when drawing out. The interface of each rod section shall be slightly tightened without leaving a gap. In this way, the rod can be stressed evenly, give full play to the overall elasticity of the rod and prevent the rod from cracking. After fishing, you should start with the handle section and close the rod in turn from thick to thin. When closing the rod, the force on your hand should not be too large. Hold the upper section with your left hand and the next section with your right hand, and then screw it gently in two different directions.

Effective Fishing Line Attachment

2. The combination of fishing rod and fishing line, makes a double knot on the fishing line and sets it on the rod tip. The method of connector is omitted to avoid winding together when raising the rod, which is time-consuming.

Maintenance and Care for the Fishing Rod

3. It is forbidden in the process of using fishing rods, do not immerse the rod in the water, otherwise it is easy to cause the rod body to expand and the rod cannot be retracted. When fishing and resting, put the rod on the support and do not throw it at will to prevent others from breaking or stepping on it.

Safety Measures and Environmental Awareness

4. Precautions for using fishing rods in the environment with wires in the air or thunderstorm weather, change the fishing place or take shelter from the rain in a safe place to avoid casualties caused by electric shock. After the big fish is hooked, be sure to fill the rod and keep 90 degrees with the water surface to increase the elasticity and toughness of the fishing rod. When the fish is not completely weak, do not take the rod and catch the fish. After fishing, the fishing rod shall be opened in time, and the residual bait and dust adhered to the rod body shall be washed with water to avoid pulling out the wound of the rod body. After drying, the rod protection oil shall be wiped in time for reuse next time. If the rod cannot be retracted due to too tight connection, the rod can be taken home and handed over to professionals.

Fishing rod is a necessary tool for us to fish. Taking good care of it will make your fishing time very happy!

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