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What is the Best Fish to Catch in Summer when It is Muggy

In summer, some fishing enthusiasts seem to have no idea how to fish more. If they have to come out to fish in such hot weather, then i will give them tips so that they can gain something while fishing, so that they won’t suffer in vain.

Fishing in muggy weather, in fact, the food situation of many fish is not optimistic. So when we are fishing, we must choose the right target fish. In such weather, compared with other fish, carp are still more active, so fishermen can take carp as their fishing target.

Originally, there are more food for fish in summer waters. Coupled with the weather, we naturally need to use some care when choosing bait.

Some fishing enthusiasts will choose to use rice wine and some rapeseed cakes to combine the soft and hard bait when fishing in this case. Of course, it is also good to mix some commodity baits that are suitable for their appetite, which can lure the fish and keep the fish in the nest.

In addition to fishing for carp, in fact, you might as well try small miscellaneous fish that are very active in summer.They are very active in this season. Even the muggy weather can’t stop them. In addition, they are not picky about the bait. As long as they have something to eat, they come over when they smell it, which saves a lot of trouble in choosing bait.

When fishing in muggy weather, it is easy to lack oxygen in the water, so most fish will breathe fresh air on the surface of the water. Even those who like to move in the deep bottom of the water will have to come to the upper layer of the water. Therefore, when fishing at this time, you’d better choose the floating fishing method, and it’s possible to fish for big fish.

If there are dense water plants in the fishing waters, we can choose to fish next to the grass hole, because there is not only rich food, but also plenty of oxygen, and the sun shading effect is also very good. Naturally, most fish will gather in such a safe place.

The other is the downwind of fishing waters, which is also a good fishing point.

Due to the influence of wind, it will drive the fluidity of water and make the water contain more oxygen, which is also the place where fish often gathering. There are also water inlets and outlets in fishing waters, which are also good fishing points.

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