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Some beginner tips for novice anglers

As a fishing enthusiast, fishing has become my main leisure activity in my daily life. In fact, fishing, like learning, requires a certain amount of knowledge. There are many fishing methods, and first we need to understand what we like and what fishing methods are suitable for ourselves, which is the beginning of the foundation. Today, I would like to share some introductory knowledge with all beginners.

1、 Choosing Taiwan fishing requires matching fishing tools!

In fact, many new anglers have always been confused about using fishing tools because they don’t understand them, and it is inevitable that they will spend a lot of unnecessary money in the early stages. Therefore, once you choose, it is still important to carefully understand the use of various tools!
Learn the first step, fishing rod!

For fishing rods, the choice is actually crucial, because if chosen correctly, a fishing rod can almost support you for several years without having to change, so it must also be a reasonable choice!
Due to the current development of fishing industry, the evolution speed of fishing rods is also quite fast. The classification of fishing rods that we can now understand is also very detailed, and the tone and soft and hard classification are also very clear. Below, I will talk about the use of fishing rods with each tone!

Step 1, choose the most suitable fishing rod

37 Adjust the fishing rodThis rod is mainly soft, with the biggest advantage of protecting the line, but the disadvantage is that it has a slow fish return speed, suitable for the crowd, has a calm personality, and likes to use it for anglers who are looking for a feel!

Adjust the fishing rod at 28! This tonal fishing rod, we can call it a carp rod, or a comprehensive rod, which has a certain amount of line protection and improves the speed of fish return. It is suitable for people, has a quick personality, and likes to be used by anglers who have both a touch and can quickly lift fish ashore!

Adjust the fishing rod to 19! I generally do not recommend using this rod for beginners because it is too hard. However, this rod is very rough to use and can almost fly directly to a certain individual’s fish while online groups are safe. It is suitable for people, has a straightforward personality, and enjoys the pleasure of flying fish. However, the disadvantage is that the line group is too thin, making it easy to cut the line when lifting the rod!

I have a preliminary understanding of the choice of the tone of fishing rod. As for the price, I can’t say that. After all, there are too many brands of fishing rod, and fishing friends can match them appropriately according to their economic income!

Step 2, choose and use the float!

Fishermen all know that float is crucial for fishing, and float has a nickname in the fishing industry, which is “the second eye of a fisherman”. Indeed, the selection and use of floats can directly affect fishing and the key to timely grasping the mouth!

However, for beginners who are fishing, I personally do not recommend choosing a float that is too good or too expensive. Although expensive floats can reflect the fish’s mouth more clearly, they are not necessary anymore!

For beginners, when choosing a float, try to use nanomaterials that are relatively affordable. Of course, the clarity of the float can be chosen according to your visual habits! I suggest using three different floats here.

Step three, choose the fishing chair and fishing box!

In fact, these two types of fishing cars can vary from person to person, with heavy fishing boxes, but they can be loaded and are suitable for short-term fishing. If fishing for a long time, people will inevitably be very tired! Suitable for fishing in water areas with convenient transportation and no need to walk too much!
As for the fishing chair, I personally prefer it. It is light, convenient, easy to carry, and comfortable to sit on. It is more suitable for leisure fishing! Suitable for fishing in water areas, almost universal!

Summary! After understanding the use of various types of large fishing items, it is up to everyone to choose according to their preferences. At the same time, when purchasing such fishing tools, I personally suggest that whether it is economically strong or economically average, it is best to choose more affordable products first, because entry-level products are too expensive to use and can easily cause problems later, such as throwing them away and reluctant to give up, and buying new ones is unnecessary!

2、 Practical fishing requires a reasonable combination of lines and hooks!

In fact, in actual fishing, it is best to use a reasonable combination of fishing rods and fishing lines to catch different fish species and individuals!
37 Adjusting fishing rod with line group: Because the 37 adjusting rod is soft and protects the line, the line group is selected for general use, with main line 2, sub line 1 or 08, suitable for fishing individual fish species weighing less than 3 kilograms!
28 adjustment fishing rod with line group: a comprehensive fishing rod, when used, the purpose of fishing is also very clear, can be large or small, so the line group is used, main line 3, sub line 1 or 1.5, suitable for fishing individuals under 5 pounds!
19 adjustment fishing rod with line group: The use of violent fishing method, this fishing method enthusiast, I am really helpless because if you choose this type of rod for fishing, it can almost be said that small fish are useless. Therefore, the use of line group is: main line 3 to 4, sub line 2 to 3, suitable for fishing individuals weighing less than 1 to 10 pounds!

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