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How to Operate So That It Will Not Hurt the Fishing Rod

The fishing rod is the most important fishing tool for fishermen. As all fishermen know, there are many different fishing rods, some cheap some expensive.. For example, handmade bamboo fishing rods are very expensive. So how to make our precious fishing rod last for a long time is a key mater.

1.The rod lifting is not well done.

The beginners always has various problems when he lifts the rod. One of the characteristics is that he lifts the rod too hard. No matter what fish he catches, he subconsciously wants to pull out the fish. This is not right. Not to mention big fish, even a fish weighing about half a kilogram may still break the fishing rod if it is forced too hard. Therefore, I often say that the pole shall be lifted in two steps, stopped immediately after fish being stabbed. then is the process of weighing the fish. After feeling the size of the fish, you can find a suitable fishing way.

2.The pole is held in the wrong position.

Some fishing friends are used to holding fishing rods in front, which is also wrong. A short pole should be held back as far as possible to reach the end of the handle. If it is a long pole, the hand can be held slightly forward, but not out of the handle. When the fish is loaded, immediately hold the fishing rod with both hands and even pull the fish forward more and more. At this time, the force on the fishing rod will be reduced. This operation is basically to pull the fishing rod off.

3.The pole does not match the string

This problem is also easy to be committed by many novices. If a strong thick rod is equipped with a thin line, this mismatch will result in a tangent line. If a thin rod is equipped with a thick line, then the line is not easy to cut, but the fishing rod is easy to break. In this case, the first two sections are mainly broken. Therefore, the rod and the line must match. Don’t think that you can get a big fish without a thick rod and a thick line.

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4.The fishing rod itself is defective

The quality control problem is something that all manufacturers have always wanted to solve, but there is no problem if they can’t make 100% products. In the same way, the fishing rod you bought may be the defective one. Sometimes a carp weighing less than 2 kg will break your fishing rod. In particular, some products produced by small workshops may have a higher probability of problems. For example, the carbon cloth is unevenly distributed when winding, resulting in uneven force on the fishing rod, so it is easy to break. In particular, some fishing rods like to pursue the ultimate light. Once abnormal, they will be broken.

Well, I hope this article can help you. If you want to know more about fishing rods, please read other articles on this site. Thank you for reading.

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