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How to Maintain the Fishing Rod when It is Not Used for a Long Time

We always talk about how to select and use fishing rods. In fact, maintenance is also very important. We should understand that it is not only expensive fishing rods that need maintenance, but cheap ones need maintenance also. If you don’t pay attention to maintenance, it will be too late to regret when you catch a big fish.

Some fishing friends think that the fishing rod can be maintained as long as it is rubbed with the rod protection oil. This is also a wrong idea. The rod protection oil is not omnipotent, but just water-proof and dust-proof. If you want to protect your rod, you must pay attention to the following three elements. Of course, this refers to the fishing rod that has not been used for a long time. If you often use it, you do not need to maintain it, as long as you dry it every time.

Three elements of fishing rod maintenance:

1. Cleaning the whole rod is the first step. If the fishing rod is not used for a long time, we should first clean the sediment inside. The method is very simple. Open the back plug, take it out one by one, clean it, and then wipe it dry with a soft cloth. After drying, do not directly install it back, because the fishing rod is not smooth, and there must be some moisture left. It is best to put it in the vent and dry it naturally for a period of time

2. There are some things you need to know about pole oil. What is the role of protective rod oil? As mentioned earlier, it is water-proof and dust-proof. As for the functions mentioned on the Internet, such as anti blocking and anti paint dropping, it can not be said that they are completely boastful, at least there are exaggerations. I personally think it’s better to pay more attention to fishing than to rely on such small things to prolong the life of the fishing rod. Therefore, there is no need to buy extra expensive rod protection oil, even without wiping. My own fishing rods have never been oiled. Several of them have been oiled for 10 years. It’s still OK. If you have to oil them, you can get some Vaseline or other hand cream

3. The most important thing is the placement of the fishing rod. Whether it is cleaned or not, and whether the protective rod oil is wiped or not, it does not matter much. The important thing is the preservation method. If it is not used for a long time, the front plug must be plugged after the moisture is completely dried in the shade, and the front plug must be placed before moisture, dust, insects and ants enter

Then put on the pole bag and put it in a cool place to prevent the sun from shining, and do not put it in a too humid environment.

Another point is that when we go out, we sometimes take more than one fishing rod. Generally, we put the rod bag into the trunk.

At this time, please pay attention to two details: 1. The fishing rod should be fixed and not vibrated frequently; 2. You can’t put heavy objects on the fishing rod

There have been such examples before: the fishing rod is thrown in the trunk and then pressed by heavy objects. It must be hard to avoid vibration when driving. The fishing rod is invisibly injured. It looks OK by eye, but it suddenly breaks when fishing. You think it is a quality problem, but in fact it is caused by not paying attention to details

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