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How Can Beginners Correctly Use Fishing Rods After Purchasing Them

Many fishermen will encounter the phenomenon that the fishing rod suddenly breaks during fishing. There are many reasons for this, but most of the conditions are caused by improper use or poor maintenance of the fishing rod. Therefore, before and after fishing, anglers will do some maintenance to the fishing rod after using it, so as to keep it in good condition; When fishing, you need to pay attention to the use of norms, otherwise the damage of the fishing rod will affect your mood throughout the day. The following is a summary of the use and maintenance skills of fishing rods, hoping to give you some help.

Use skills of fishing rod

1. Use appropriate sub line number

Reliable and standard fishing rods will have the maximum use instruction of the sub line number, which must be strictly followed when carrying out fishing. It is not necessary to use the number of sub lines exceeding the instruction standard in order to avoid sub line disconnection. Although the strength of the sub line has increased, it is very easy to damage the fishing rod, and sometimes it is very likely to buckle, thus reducing the service life of the fishing rod.

2. Reduce the stress intensity of fishing rod

After the fish is hooked, it is not necessary to lift the rod too hard, and it is best not to lift it immediately. If a large fish is hooked, it can be slipped first and then fished up with a net, which can prevent the big fish from lifting the weight of the fishing rod in painful circumstances. If it is necessary to fish and adjust the drift under the condition of fishing, first put the fishing rod together, control the drift seat with one hand, and hold the broken line in the drift seat with the other hand for adjustment. There is no need to pull hard at once, and try everything possible to reduce the force on the fishing rod.

3. Eliminate man-made damage

In the case of fishing, different accidental situations will always occur. After fishing, be careful not to let the fish drag the fishing rod on the ground, and be careful not to let the fishing rod be touched by others. You must cheer up while waiting for the fish to take the bait, or you may be dragged into the water by the fish as soon as you don’t have to pay attention. Don’t be negligent in fishing, which often happens. It is said that the eyes can not leave the drift, and the hands can not leave the pole.

4. The pole lifting action should be standard, not forced

When fishing, most of the fishermen will inevitably encounter the same phenomenon, that is, the hook is entangled by weeds in the water. Most of them will choose the method of dragging and dragging, which must not happen. Because it is very easy for you to lose your fishing rod in this way, the accurate method is to wrap the line around your hand or waist and pull back the line. In that way, it is more likely to be disconnected or hooked, but that is also a helpless move. At least doing so can protect your fishing rod from injury.

If you want to know more about the basic knowledge of fishing rods, you can read other articles on this site. Thank you for reading!

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