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From Which Aspects Should Beginners Judge the Quality of Fishing Rods

For some fishing friends, a fishing rod is very important. Even if you make the bait or fishing position very well, it is still difficult to catch fish if the quality of the fishing rod is not good. If the quality of your fishing rod is not good, it is very easy to break it. So in order to avoid blindly buying fishing rods, I would like to share some common sense about fishing rods for you today. I hope these can help you!

Choose fishing rod according to fish species

First, before buying fishing rods, we must think about what kind of fish you want to catch, such as mullet or catfish. Because each fishing rod is developed according to different kinds of fish, we must think clearly before buying fishing rods. When buying fishing rods, fishing friends must not use the rod to catch catfish. Otherwise, if you do not use the rod properly when you buy fishing rods, It is very easy to break the fishing rod.

Choose a fishing rod based on appearance

Second, it depends on the quality of the fishing rod. There are many types of fishing rods on the market, and foreign fishing rods can be seen everywhere. However, to determine the quality of fishing rods, we must observe these when selecting fishing rods. The first thing to observe is whether there are scratches on the surface of fishing rods. The second is whether the paint on the surface of the fishing rod is uniform. The second thing to observe is whether the fishing rod is straight or not. Many people do not observe this when buying fishing rods. In fact, whether the fishing rod is straight or not is also a key point to judge whether the fishing rod is good or not, because some rods will be upward when placed on the shelf of the fishing rod, and good fishing rods are even.

Choose fishing rod according to thickness

Third, the most important thing when choosing a fishing rod is to observe whether each joint of the rod and the thickness of the wall of the rod are uniform, because most of the rods sold in the market have very uneven walls. If they are not uniform, then they must not be good rods. No matter how good the brand is, there must be problems with the quality of the rod. It also depends on whether the rod has any scars, It is not allowed at all, because it directly affects the quality of the fishing rod.

The Environmental Impact of Different Fishing Rod Materials

Choose fishing rods based on tightness

Fourth, observe the sealing of the fishing rod. When we take the fishing rod, we should really feel the sealing effect of the rod. If there is an air pressure effect, it obviously shows that the sealing effect is good. If the sealing effect is good, then the work of his fishing rod must be fine. If the sealing effect of the rod is not good, then it is very easy to get dirty things. If the sealing effect of the rod is good, then the fishing rod will not fall into the water, and the bad rod will be very tolerant of falling into the water!

Choose fishing rod according to material

Fifthly, let’s talk about the materials for making fishing rods. The main materials on the market are carbon, resin, glass fiber reinforced plastics and mixed materials. However, carbon is very popular nowadays. It must be known that carbon rods are rolled out with carbon cloth, because the weight of carbon rods is relatively light, and they also have strength and waist force. Of course, these are mainly due to the quality of carbon cloth. Of course, the higher the weight of carbon cloth is, the better the quality of fishing rods will be, and the price of fishing rods will be higher.

Well, the above is a brief introduction. The quality of a fishing rod is directly related to the success of catching fish, so you must understand the above knowledge!

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