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What is the Best Fish to Catch in Summer when It is Muggy

In summer, some fishing enthusiasts seem to have no idea how to fish more. If they have to come out to fish in such hot weather, then i will give them tips so that they can gain something while fishing, so that they won’t suffer in vain. Fishing in muggy weather, in fact, the food […]

sale fishing tackle

Is a Soft Fishing Rod Easier to Break Than a Hard One

Nowadays, more and more people use hard rods for fishing. Many people think that hard rods are not only faster to fish, but also more strong, so it is not easy to break the rod. Will a hard pole really be more difficult to break than a soft pole? To answer this question, we must […]

sale fishing tackle

What Do Novices Need to Prepare to Learn Fishing

Fishing is a popular activity. It also has many skills and matters needing attention. All kinds of tools are important, especially fishing rods. Therefore, for novices, the appropriate fishing rod must be prepared before fishing. 1, What kind of fishing rod can a novice learn to fish When choosing a fishing rod, we should pay […]

sale fishing tackle

Fishermen Must Know the Classification of Fishing Rods

Fishing rod is a kind of fishing tool. It looks like a slender multi section rod. It usually has a handle, which gradually becomes thin and sharp from the handle to the rear end. It should be used by connecting a fishing line with a hook with bait. Up to now, more functional fishing rods […]

sale fishing tackle

How to Identify the Tonality of a Fishing Rod for Beginners

When talking about fishing rods, many fishermen pay more attention to factors such as weight, hardness, price, etc., but ignore an important step, that is tonality!That is, we often say L, M, MH, MF, etc. I found that many fishermen have talked about the tonality of fishing rods, but most of them only vaguely know […]

fishing rod

Several Classifications of the Fishing Rods and Their Differences

Hand rod is a kind of fishing rod, and it is also the most commonly used fishing tackle for fishermen. It mostly refers to the fishing rod without fishing wheel. It is mainly suitable for fishing freshwater fish. It is the rod with the highest utilization rate for fishermen. At present, fishing rods can be […]

Fishing Experience

Some Fishing Experience I Want to Sharing with Beginners

I have lived near river. When I was a child, my uncle often brought all kinds of fish he caught in reservoirs, rivers, ponds and other places to my house, which made me have a strong interest in fishing. At the age of eight, I pestered my uncle and asked him to teach me fishing. […]

Fishing Tackle

How to Choose a Suitable Fishing Rods

For people who like fishing, each of them will have several fishing rods, but different people have different ideas on how to choose a fishing rod. Some people will choose expensive rod, they think expensive rod with good quality. Some people like to choose cheap ones. They will think when holding a big fish, if […]

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