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Why do good fishing rods become softer and softer as they are used

Why do good fishing rods become softer and softer as they are used

Often, friends ask why the fishing rod they buy feels softer when used? The following article will answer this question for everyone
The tuning of a fishing rod can change over time. The softness of the fishing rod is mainly related to our operation. Overall, the more fish you catch, the larger the fish you catch, the more times you use it, and the more incorrect operations, the faster the fishing rod becomes soft! In fact, the tone of the fishing rod itself does not change much. But if we use it improperly and become soft, most of it is still related to our usage method. And when you catch more and more fish, coupled with incorrect fishing techniques, the rod will definitely become softer and softer as you use it.

1、 Remember not to pull hard when feeding big fish

Usually, we get excited when we catch big fish. But at this time, we should use the correct techniques to pull the big fish ashore. Don’t blindly drag a big fish ashore just because you catch it. In this case, fishing for the sake of catching fish may seem utilitarian. And when pulling a big fish hard, the pulling force used exceeds the force that the rod itself can withstand. Although the pole may not break for a while, it will become softer and softer in the later stages, and the resilience of the waist will gradually decrease.

Why do good fishing rods become softer and softer as they are used

2、 Line group aspect

  • Thick line
    Generally speaking, each fishing rod line group has its own bearing range. There won’t be much problem using wire groups within this range. And even if we catch a big fish, we still break the line first rather than the pole first. But some friends, in order to reduce the tangent rate, blindly want to catch big fish, but often overlook this and choose larger sets of lines. Although the tangent rate decreases, it exceeds the range of the fishing rod itself.
  • Ultra long line
    Some friends often make the length of the wire group greater than the length of the pole in order to adjust it further. This will to some extent increase the range of our fish fishing. But trying to drag the fish to the shore is not so easy. Because this will increase the curvature of the fishing rod itself, and over time, it is also a form of damage to the fishing rod.
  • Nylon thread is usually used for fishing
    When choosing fishing line, the elasticity of nylon line is the best, and when we are in the middle of the fish, we can withstand a portion of the tension of the fishing rod appropriately. But due to the strong pulling force of the strong horse line and carbon line, fishermen like to use them to catch big fish. But the elasticity of these two types of thread is much worse than that of nylon thread. So to some extent, using strong horse line and carbon line to catch large fish will increase the pressure on the fishing rod.

3、 Using a rod regardless of the situation

It is often seen that some friends use a pole when fishing for different types of fish, but this approach is completely wrong. When we buy poles in the store, we often see that the poles chosen for different schools of fish are different. If we use a fishing rod for big fish, such as a carp rod, to catch small crucian carp, it doesn’t matter, at most it’s a bit tired. And if we use crucian carp fishing rods for small fish to catch large fish such as grass carp, continuous fishing is already very good.

The fishing rod is the most important treasure for anglers. We should cherish it both after and during use. If it is due to our improper operation that the fishing rod is damaged, it is really a waste of time. I hope everyone can take good care of the fishing rod in the future, especially in terms of usage skills, so that the fishing rod can be used for a longer time and accompany us every fishing journey.

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