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What Tools Do Fishing Beginners Need to Use to Fish

Fishing is a way of catching fish. Fishing tools are divided into basic tools and auxiliary tools. The basic tools mainly include fishing rods, fishing lines, hooks, bait, floats, etc. The auxiliary tools mainly include net, fish guards, fishing benches, brackets, sunshades, wild fishing lights, etc. Let’s introduce the functions of each tool in detail.

1, Fishing rod

The fishing rod is the most basic tool for fishing. A suitable fishing rod can bring better fishing experience to fishermen. It can be used as hand rod, sea rod, Luya rod, etc. Its materials include glass fiber rod, carbon rod, etc. Its price ranges from a few to tens of thousands. When selecting a fishing rod, you should not only consider the fishing environment, but also comprehensively compare the cost performance of the rod.

2, Fishing line

The fishing line is the most basic tool for fishing, mainly including nylon line, heavy wire, carbon fiber line, etc., among which nylon line is the most common. Traditional fishing is generally a single line through hook. The molecular line and main line of the line in Taiwan fishing are two parts. The sub line connects two hooks, the main line connects the rod slightly, and the sub line and the main line are connected by an eight shaped ring or a fast sub line clamp.

3, Fishhook

The hook is the most basic tool for fishing, Different types of hooks are different, and the hooks are selected according to the fish conditions. For example, some hook is suitable for catching grass carp,and other large individual fish, while sleeve hook is suitable for catching crucian carp, and other small individual fish.

4, Bait

Fish bait is the most basic tool for fishing. From the source, there are natural bait, commercial bait, etc. From the meat and vegetables, there are meat bait, vegetarian bait, etc. From the taste type, there are fragrant food, fishy food, sweet food, etc. The choice of different bait such as fish sentiment and season is also different.

For example, catching crucian carp requires earthworms or fragrant bait, catching carp requires soft corn or sweet bait, and catching silver carp and bighead carp requires sour and smelly bait.

5, Float

Float is the most basic tool for fishing, which is mainly used to convey the information about eating bait. Its usage includes vertical float, seven star float, etc. Proper scenes include ordinary float, luminous float, etc. Different floats are selected according to the water situation and time for fishing, such as seven star float in the grass hole or in the shallow water area, and luminous float in the night for fishing.

6, Pendant

Pendant is the most basic tool for fishing. Its main function is that anglers use its weight to put the bait into the fishing site. After the bait is put into the water, the fishing group is balanced by its weight. Especially in Taiwan fishing, the requirement for the plumb is the highest. For example, anglers can trim the plumb and pull the float to adjust the state of the bait at the bottom. Using the plumb to balance the fishing group is also the essence of Taiwan fishing.

7, Net

The net tool is the most commonly used tool for fishing, which is generally composed of a net bag, a frame and a handle. Its main function is to take the fish eating the hook ashore when fishing. For example, when fishing for small fish, the fisherman can directly pull the fish to the shore, but when fishing for large fish, the result of hard pulling is that the line is broken and the fish runs away. At this time, the net copying tool captures the fish and quickly pulls the net copying tool to the shore.

8, Fish protection

Fish guards are the most commonly used tools for fishing. Their main function is to load fish and ensure that fishing will not die immediately. The most original fish guards are bamboo baskets, cages, etc. Now they are basically made of nylon woven nets. However, the most basic requirement of any fish guard is that the fish is easy to enter and protect, it is not easy to escape, and the survival rate of the fish is high and it is easy to carry.

9, Summary

Fishing tackle can be divided into basic tools and auxiliary tools. The basic tools mainly include fishing rod, fishing line, hook, bait, float, etc. The auxiliary tools mainly include net, protection, fishing stool support, sunshade umbrella, wild fishing light, and nesting device.

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