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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Hard Rod and the Soft Rod Used in Fishing

We all know that the classification of fishing rods is hard rods and soft rods. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hard rods and soft rods when they are used? Today, let’s take a look at the different functions and advantages and disadvantages of hard and soft poles in actual combat.

1. Advantages of hard rod:

The advantage of the hard rod is that it can lift fish quickly, and it is suitable for fishing large fish. The fish control is very powerful. We can use the long rod short line fishing method or the vertical line fishing method when using it. The hard rod is more suitable for use in competitive fishing, and can be used for fast fishing and fast walking. Secondly, the waist force of the hard rod is relatively good, and the speed of lifting the rod is fast, which can lift the fish out of the water. Especially in wild fishing, the use of the hard rod can reduce the possibility of the hook hanging at the bottom.

Disadvantages of hard rod:

However, the hard rod also has certain disadvantages in use. When we use a hard rod to fish, fish often run away. Running fish is in the process of walking fish. When a big fish eats a hook, it will feel the traction of the outside world, and will struggle desperately, resulting in running fish; The second is that fishing with a hard rod is easy to hurt and hurt the wrist. After being caught by the hook, the big fish will struggle desperately with great strength. However, the hard rod does not have much cushioning performance, so the tension will be quickly transmitted to our wrists, resulting in wrist injury.

2. Advantages of soft rod:

First of all, it is very easy to throw the rod with a soft rod. The fishing rod can help us send the fishing line out quietly and float the fish into the water; Second, the soft rod lifting is also very labor-saving. When we find that the fish is hooked, we can directly lift the fishing rod flat. Because the soft rod is very flexible, we only need to shake our wrists gently to lift the rod; Third, the bait for the soft rod does not have too much requirements, and both insect bait and face bait can be used; Finally, walk the fish. Walking the fish is an essential step in the fishing process. However, if we use a soft rod, we can subtract the step of walking the fish. However, we should pay attention when lifting the rod, because when we lift the rod, the fish will rush in the opposite direction, so remember not to use brute force to lift the rod.

Disadvantages of soft rod:

Although the soft rod is labor-saving and has many advantages, it also has certain disadvantages, that is, the fluctuation range of the fishing rod is relatively large, resulting in slow improvement, so it is relatively slow when feeding fish; Secondly, few people use soft rods to catch big fish.

The above is the whole content of this article. If you want to know more about fishing rods, you can read other articles on this site. I hope my words can help you, thank you for reading!

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