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Fishing is a leisure outdoor sport. Fishermen enjoy fishing with the fish. The bait falls in the water, and the fish is happy. Only the fisherman can understand the fun of fishing. In recent years, fishing has become more and more popular among people, and there are more and more fishermen. Especially in summer, we can always see many fishermen sitting by the water, and all kinds of short and long poles are constantly waving. The fishermen are very busy. Every day, new people join the fishing army. New fishermen first have to choose fishing rods. How to choose the right fishing rod for wild fishing?

1. Tonality of fishing rod

Wild fishing is usually faced with complex natural waters, which are rich in fish resources. Different waters have different fish characteristics. For example, there are many fish in the water depth of lakes and reservoirs, and the water in rivers and ponds is shallow and fish are mixed. Novices choose fishing rods mainly based on the long-term wild fishing waters. Generally, novices will choose hard and light fishing rods, with 28 adjustments as the most. However, I personally recommend that long rods choose light and hard rods, but short rods choose light and soft rods. Novices learn to fish. If they use a light and hard short rod, because the rod lifting force is not standardized, many novices lift the rod too hard, and it is easy to pierce the fish’s mouth and run away.

2. Number of fishing rods

Many old fishermen always choose the best fishing rod for wild fishing. There is an obvious phenomenon that wild fishing always uses one or two fishing rods. In fact, there is a reason. It is customary to use a rod in wild fishing. The anglers throw a rod with a certain rod for a long time. As time goes by, muscle memory will appear in the arm, which is the hand feeling of the rod familiar to the anglers, so they are accustomed to using this rod for a long time. Therefore, novices should choose two or three fishing rods for wild fishing. Don’t blindly buy too many fishing rods. In fact, they can’t use them. They can only put them in the warehouse.

3. Length of fishing rod

It is most important for novices to choose the appropriate length of fishing rods. Many of the first-time anglers can buy various lengths of fishing rods. Now many old anglers still carry various lengths of fishing rods to prepare for unexpected needs, which is totally unnecessary. There are many kinds of fishing required for wild fishing. If there are too many fishing tools, it will be very time-consuming and laborious. Wild fishing should be simple together and experience more fishing fun.

For the length of fishing rods, there are mainly conventional sizes of 3.6 meters, 4.5 meters, 5.4 meters, 6.3 meters and 7.2 meters. Of course, there are unconventional 3.9 meters, 4.8 meters and other long gun rods. The size of the fishing rod purchased by novice fishermen should be selected according to the different fishing waters. The water depth of wild fishing is different, and the fish conditions are very different. Novices should choose one long rod and one short rod. The wild fishing water area is large and the water depth is deep. You can choose 4.5m with 7.2m fishing rod. If the wild fishing water area is small and the water is shallow, you can choose 3.6m with 6.3m fishing rod. Novice fishermen can choose a long and short fishing rod, which can also cope with the fish situation in different seasons. Usually, they use a short rod in summer and autumn, a long rod in winter and spring, a short rod for small fish, and a long rod for large fish.

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