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Fishing Experience

Some Fishing Experience I Want to Sharing with Beginners

I have lived near river. When I was a child, my uncle often brought all kinds of fish he caught in reservoirs, rivers, ponds and other places to my house, which made me have a strong interest in fishing. At the age of eight, I pestered my uncle and asked him to teach me fishing.

1、 Some introduction of fishing rod

1.Tonality: when the top of the fishing rod is slightly stressed, the bending point is at the corresponding position of the fishing rod. For example, adjustment 28 means that the bending point is at 8 / 10 of the whole fishing rod, and adjustment 37 means that it is at 7 / 10, Of course, there are also 19 tones / 46 tones, which are not listed one by one.

2. H: refers to the hardness of the fishing rod. The larger the number, the higher the hardness. 9h is very hard.

2、 Start with crucian carp

It is suggested to start fishing for crucian carp. Why do you say so? Because regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, crucian carp is relatively easy to fish. I had a friend. At the beginning, He planned to challenge the big fish alone. As a result, the fishing rod was destroyed or the fishing line was broken, and so on. He slowly lost the fun and confidence of fishing.

3、 Appropriate tonality recommendation

Strongly recommend grade 28 and grade 37.

Let’s start with the 19 grade. The fishing rod has a hard body and strong tensile resistance. On the contrary, it also means that if the strength is not well controlled, it is very easy to break the rod. It is more suitable for racing fishing. Novices should choose carefully. In addition, 46 and 55 grade, the fishing rod is soft. It is mostly used for leisure fishing, which is also not suitable for novices.

Because of the 28 and 37 grade. It is suitable for almost all common fishing occasions. At the same time, it can also catch big fish (there is no problem within 10 kg fish normally).These two tones are very suitable for novices.

4、 Reasonable length recommendation

3.6 / 4.5 / 5.4 are mainly recommended, and longer fishing rods are not recommended.

First, it must be easy to operate. If the rod is longer, the force arm will be longer, the longer the fishing rod is, the harder it is to control the throwing of bait or lifting of the rod.

Secondly, it is convenient to watch drift. The longer the fishing rod, the farther the fishing distance, and the more inconvenient it is to see the floating. Because the fishing distance is too far, it is unrealistic for novices to lift the fishing rod in time through the floating phase feedback of floating.

Moreover, we must effectively control fish. The fishing distance is too long. If a fish catches the hook and raises the rod in time, it is difficult to swing the fish to the shore smoothly, which means that there may be tug of war with the fish, fish flying everywhere, scraping water, grass and branches, etc.

In short, these three lengths of fishing rods are easier to catch fish.

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