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Several Classifications of the Fishing Rods and Their Differences

Hand rod is a kind of fishing rod, and it is also the most commonly used fishing tackle for fishermen. It mostly refers to the fishing rod without fishing wheel. It is mainly suitable for fishing freshwater fish. It is the rod with the highest utilization rate for fishermen. At present, fishing rods can be divided into many kinds, and many people don’t know how to buy them. Let’s give you a brief introduction

Crucian carp pole

Crucian carp rod, is a hand rod specially used to catch crucian carp (small individual fish). On the whole, the crucian carp rod body is relatively small and soft, the rod body is short, easy to store, easy to carry, and can only catch small individual fish. The biggest advantage is that it feels good after fishing for medium fish. Small fish have the feeling of pulling big fish. The biggest weakness is that they often break the rod and line when they encounter big fish. Another is that if the crucian carp rod is too long, it is difficult to control the fish, the floating action is difficult to see clearly, and it is difficult to throw the rod in windy weather.

Because the crucian carp rod can only catch small fish, it needs to be matched with a highly sensitive float when fishing. The float cannot be too large and too long. It can only be used with a fine float. Generally, lead is less than 1.5g. Crucian carp rod is mainly leisure fishing. It is more suitable for fishing small individual fish and crucian carp. It is not suitable to buy a long rod. It is recommended to buy 2.7m, 3.6m or 3.9m, and the longest should not exceed 4.5m.

Stream pole

Like crucian carp, the stream rod also belongs to the rod, which is relatively small. Generally, the front rod tip of the rod is a solid body, but its toughness is better than that of Crucian Carp Rod, which is thin and has good toughness. It is a fishing rod used in mountain streams, shoals with rapid water flow, slow flow shallow pools and other waters. It is also a rod for fishing small individual fish. It is not suitable for fishing medium and large individual fish. It is mainly used for fishing small and medium-sized fish.

The contracted length of stream rod is shorter than that of Crucian Carp Rod, which is generally about 58 cm (between 50 and 80 cm), and some are even only 37 cm long, which is convenient to store and carry. Its fishing method is generally standing by the water, which is generally not too long. The length of the rod is generally 2.7m, 3.6m, 3.9m, 4.5m and 5.4m. As the stream pole is liked by most fishermen, there are also improved versions, and the length of the pole can reach 6.3 meters and 7.2 meters. Personal suggestion: 4.5m.

The biggest disadvantage of stream rod is that there are many rod sections. The whole rod has soft tonality and low hardness. It is only suitable for fishing for small and medium-sized fish, not for fishing large fish. In case of large fish, it has a great chance to break the rod. It is only suitable for fishing with thin line and fine hook, and the line group should not be too large and too thick.

Carp pole

Carp rod is actually an improved version of Crucian Carp Rod. It has the characteristics of long single rod section and few rod sections. In addition, it also has the characteristics of rod body weight, thick rod body, thick rod wall and heavy fishing. Compared with Crucian Carp Rod, it belongs to the rod for fishing medium and large fish. The biggest difference between it and crucian carp pole is follows.

The biggest difference is the thickness of the rod wall. The wall thickness of crucian carp rod is relatively thinner, and that of carp rod is thicker.

Difference in handling. The crucian carp pole is relatively light and thin, which is easy to operate, but the tension is small; The carp pole is relatively thick and heavy, and the operation is relatively cumbersome, but the tension is large.

Tonal distinction. The crucian carp pole is relatively soft as a whole, so it needs to use small hook and thin line fishing, and the fish return speed is slow; The carp rod is relatively hard, and the fishing line used is relatively large, which is suitable for big fish with big hook and big line. Crucian carp rod has a long time of fish control, which is its advantage. It can protect the rod and wire. The carp rod is relatively hard, and it is easy to cut lines due to improper operation or poor matching of wire groups. For example, under the same conditions, the same weight of fish, the same line thickness, carp pole fish, and carp pole will tangent.

Finally, as a fisherman, we need to fish in a civilized way. Moreover, environmental protection is the responsibility of every fisherman! Please take away the garbage around you and create a beautiful fishing environment!

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