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Mastering these three points can greatly extend the service life of fishing rods

A fishing rod is a necessary tool for anglers and the most expensive of all fishing gear, which is why we need to protect it properly. When fishing, some inappropriate actions by fishing friends can lead to damage to the fishing rod. These actions include sliding, lifting, throwing, and the carelessness of fishing friends, all of which are the most direct causes of damage to the fishing rod.
Therefore, it is important to have a correct method of use when using fishing rods, so as to avoid damage to the fishing rod of fishing friends. The following three points need to be noted by fishing friends.

1、 Reasonable matching

When fishing, the target fish caught are different, and the corresponding fishing rods are also different. Only with the correct combination can the fishing rods not be damaged. Each type of fishing rod has a different tone, both soft and hard, and the strength of the rod is also different. Therefore, when choosing a fishing rod, it should be determined based on the target fish being caught, that is, the fish situation. For example, when fishing for crucian carp, short and light fishing rods are mainly used; When fishing for grass carp and carp, use a comprehensive rod or a heavy rod with higher strength to avoid breaking the rod during fishing.

2、 Line group usage

The line composition of a typical angler is divided into two parts: the main line and the sub line, which is also the unique style of “Taiwan fishing”. The combination of the main line and the sub line is very important, and the sub line should be thinner than the main line. This way, when fishing or hanging at the bottom, it can effectively protect the main line from loss. Even if the sub line is broken, replacement is very convenient and almost does not affect the smooth progress of fishing. In addition, when the fishing rod is light or short, the thickness of the line group should also be appropriately reduced. When the fishing rod is long or thick, the combination of the line group should also be relatively improved. This reasonable combination directly affects the service life of the fishing rod.

3、 Excessive force

Many anglers, especially beginners, do not know how to protect their fishing rods when fishing. For example, many beginners feel extremely excited after catching a fish, and simply throw down their fishing rod and run towards the fish. But I don’t know that your small action has many hidden damages to the fishing rod. Dropping a fishing rod on a rock underground or being stepped on by someone can cause damage to the rod. In addition, when fishing with the fishing rod, the force was too strong, and some anglers even broke directly from the first section, which is the thickest section of the fishing rod, all caused by incorrect operation.

Summary: Reasonable use of fishing rods and reasonable combination of wire groups should not exceed the maximum force of the fishing rod itself. In addition, when sliding the fish, it is necessary to lift the fishing rod as much as possible to avoid a “tug of war” situation. The position of holding the rod should not be too far forward, and it is best to hold the rod with both hands, so that the fishing friend’s wrist is not too tired. Being too far forward can easily cause uneven force on the fishing rod, leading to rod breakage.

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