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Maintenance and Use of Fishing Reels

People who fish often know the role of the fishing reel in the process of fishing. Fishing reel, alias reel, is one of the main fishing tackles for sea fishing. Its fishing power is relatively large, the casting speed is fast, and it is more convenient to use, which is deeply loved by anglers. If you want to use the fishing reel, you must know how to use the fishing reel and how to take up and release the fishing line. The method of using the fishing reel mainly includes several steps such as loading the line, loading the wheel, releasing the line, taking up the line, and unloading the reel. In addition, if you want to use the fishing reel better, you also need to know the maintenance method of the fishing reel. Let’s learn more about it together.

Installation method of fishing reel:

    • Attach the fishing reel to the fishing rod.
    • Turn on the reel check switch, open the fishing reel outlet ring, pull out the line, close the outlet ring, and pass the line through the fishing rod guide ring in turn.
    • Fasten the drop line, tighten each section of the fishing rod, and close the backstop of the fishing line.

Fishing reel pay-off method

    • Turn on the backstop switch of the fishing reel, turn the rocker, adjust the line to fall to the proper position, and turn off the backstop switch.
    • Hook the line with your index finger, turn your head sideways, and send the rod backwards. The distance between the fishing rod and the ground is best when the line falls to the ground.
    • Send the rod side forward, when the rod and the ground in front of the side hold a 45-degree angle, loosen the line and pop out the line drop.
    • 4.When the line drop falls into the water, shake the joystick after the line is fed. Close the line loop, tighten the fishing line, and put the rod on the rod holder.

Fishing reel take-up method

    • Lift and shake the rod, keep the line tight and straight, and make the rod at a 45-degree angle to the ground.
    • Shake the reel at a constant speed, keep the fishing line tight and straight, and adjust the tightness knob of the fishing reel according to the size of the fishing force.
    • After the fish is caught, put the fishing rod on the rack, and the reel should not touch the ground to avoid getting dirty and scratched.

Reel unloading method

    • Turn off the backstop switch and remove the line drop.
    • Tighten the line with your fingers and shake the joystick.
    • Pin the line to the reel clip.
    • Unload the reel, clean it, and install it.

How to maintain the fishing reel?

Under normal circumstances, the inner parts of the fishing reel purchased from the market are coated with an appropriate amount of lubricating grease. But the reel line, like other precision machines, requires normal cleaning and maintenance after a period of use.

  • .Regular maintenance
    Generally 25 times of fishing is a maintenance cycle. After the fishing reel has been used for a long time, to maintain the best state of the fishing reel, it is necessary to apply a layer of lubricating oil inside the main body of the fishing reel.
  • Maintenance method
    First, remove the rocker arm and brake structure, then loosen the side cover screws and remove the side cover. Oil the ends of the reel main shaft, the bearings, the main gear and pinion, and the teeth of the worm. Be careful when applying oil, as excess oil can escape elsewhere and destroy its performance.
  • Check in time
    After fishing, especially on rainy days and sea fishing, you should check your reel carefully in time to prevent any sewage, dirt, and sand accumulating in the reel.
  • Shortage methond
    When fishing is stopped for a long time, it should be thoroughly maintained and placed in a dry place. Wipe the reel clean with a clean damp cotton cloth before storing. Then dry with a dry towel, and then re-grease.
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