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If You Want to Maintain the Fishing Rod, You Must Pay Attention to These Four Details

Many people who like fishing are not rich people. It is not cheap to buy a set of fishing tackle, especially a set of brand fishing tackle that they loved. How can a favorite fishing rod be as bright as new after years of use, with the same function and feel as before? In fact, there is no mystery, just careful use, careful maintenance and patient maintenance. Proper use and good maintenance of the fishing rod can prevent the skin from scratching,paint cracking or falling off, so as to prevent the fishing rod from premature aging and deterioration and prolong its service life. Moreover, maintenance of the fishing rod is also a kind of enjoyment for fishermen. Maintenance is to protect and maintain the fishing rod. From the new rod to the end of each fishing, the maintenance of the fishing rod runs through the whole process.

Here are some methods for the maintenance of fishing rod:

1. Stronger the new fishing rod

When we have a new fishing rod, you have to stronger it. Don’t underestimate this work. The method is to take off the cap of the fishing rod, pull out the first section, namely the rod tip, and tie a knot on the tassel on the rod slightly, then lay the fishing rod down and straighten the tassel as far as possible. Then use quick drying glue, drop some of glue (only one drop) at the joint between the rod tip and the rod tassel, twist the rod slightly with your fingers to make the glue evenly permeate the joint, and slightly raise the rod tip to prevent the glue from leaking into the whole rod tassel.The glue may quickly spread all over the tassel.

2. new pole warm-up

The next thing to do is to test the rod, that is, to warm up the fishing rod by hanging a certain weight, and observe the radian, hardness and strength of the fishing rod. The specific method is to hold the handle tightly and lift it slowly (strictly and vigorously, unless you like to listen to the sound of the broken fishing rod), until the handle joint of the fishing rod forms an angle of about 45 degrees with the horizontal plane, and then slowly put it down. After turning the fishing rod slightly, lift it up and then put it down, and so on for many times, Until the whole body of the fishing rod passes through the tension test.

Through the “test rod”, you can also understand and master the tonality, elasticity and toughness of the fishing rod, know the fishing force of the fishing rod, and use the fishing rod reasonably in future fishing.

3. new rod waxing

In order to keep the fishing rod young forever, the fishing rod should be opened for maintenance before use to protect the original paint and coating of the fishing rod, which is equivalent to the “wax opening” of the new car. The wax used to maintain the fishing rod can be divided into solid wax and liquid wax. The solid wax is the special rod guard wax bought from the fishing gear store, and the liquid wax is the car polish wax or car feather duster wax bought from the car beauty shop. Some friends use medical Vaseline, which is said to have a good effect. The waxed new pole is shiny. It doesn’t like clay in windy days or sticky water in rainy days. It is pleasant to use.

The waxing process of the new rod is very simple. Take a piece of non-woven fabric (it is best to clean the non-woven fabric), dip a little wax, wax evenly from the first section of the fishing rod, and wipe while painting. Then pull out section by section and wax section by section. Finally, wipe from the tail section of the fishing rod. When wiping, use a little force to quickly rub up and down to make the fishing rod hot and increase the adsorption capacity of the rod wax to achieve the purpose of polishing. Take back one section after wiping, Polish one section by one, and take back one section by one until the rod is slightly. After waxing the pole, buckle the pole cap and put it into the pole bag for storage.

The use method of car polish wax and feather duster wax is to spray the wax on a soft cloth at a close distance, wipe the fishing rod section by section from top to bottom with a soft cloth containing wax liquid, and the rest of the operation process is the same as that of applying wax. It should be noted that whether the new rod or the fishing rod after fishing is maintained, the whole rod should be waxed, and the fishing rod should not be disassembled as far as possible, so as to prevent the loss of astringency by smearing the protective rod wax on the joint of the fishing rod. As a result, it is easy to pull out and transition during use, resulting in the non retraction of the fishing rod joint.

4. maintenance after fishing

After each fishing, you should also conduct a post fishing maintenance as soon as possible. Although the rod has been wiped when it is collected, it is only a surface wipe. It is inevitable that dust particles remain at the joint of the fishing rod. In particular, the fishing rod used by gale angel or the fishing rod stained with soil must be washed in time, otherwise the surface of the fishing rod will be scratched when the rod is pulled next time. In addition, in the process of fishing and raising the rod, the rod cavity is often prone to water, which also needs cleaning and drying. Otherwise, the rod will be in a wet and blistering state for a long time, which will not only accelerate the aging of the rod, but also easily cause blistering, cracking and falling off of the paint. The general method is to remove the rod, flush it section by section, and then dry it. If the pole cavity is particularly dirty and cannot be washed with water, the inner cavity can also be wiped with soft objects such as bamboo strips, iron wires and other cotton balls, and then washed with water to dry and combine. Generally, the fishing rod used for more than three times should be waxed and maintained. The method is the same as the new rod waxing above.

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