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How to Select of Fishing Rod Length in Summer Time

The temperature and water temperature increase in summer, and the fish is more activity, but it also brings many negative effects. The idea of wild fishing should also be properly adjusted. Today, I’d like to talk about the method of fishing rod length in summer. The water regime, air pressure and temperature of wild fishing vary greatly in summer, and the fish foraging and returning activities will change greatly. The length of fishing rod selected for wild fishing has a great impact on the fishing.

In general, we can discuss the influence of the length of fishing rod on wild fishing and the countermeasures from the following aspects

1. First water regime differences

If the river bed at the bottom of most of the water area is flat and the water depth drop is small, and the depth is basically the same, it is generally appropriate to choose long rods, especially when the water is shallow and the water is clear, it is more appropriate to choose long rods or even shore fishing rods.

If the underwater terrain is steep and the water depth drop is large, and the depth is different, the fishing rod can be used is the short rod fishing.

2.Regional differences

There are large light water areas and many obstacles in wild fishing waters. In the light water area, long rods are generally used to catch large fish, while short rods are used to catch fast fish, small fish and large fish; In the area with obstacles, long rods or even long gun rods and short lines must be used to fish across the obstacles. If the area is densely wooded, the fishing rod is still short and easy to use.

In summer, there is a lot of rain for wild fishing, and the length of fishing rod used in rainy and sunny days will also be different. After the summer rainfall, the dissolved oxygen in rivers and lakes increases, and the fish activity is strong. The nearby rivers and streams as well as plankton and grain particles on the bank are brought into rivers and lakes. This is the reason why fish should not throw long rods on rainy days. In overcast days, when the water rises, the fish will find food and swim back to the near shore area of the river. It is not suitable to use long rods, even 2.7 rods! In rainy days, water inlets and outlets will be formed on the banks of rivers and lakes after the rain, which are close to each other. These areas should undoubtedly be convenient to use short poles.

3. Different types of fishing

The second is to choose the length of fishing rod according to the fishing species. We all know that big fish have long rods and long lines, and small fish have short rods and short lines.

4. It depends on personal habits, preferences and equipment.

Affected by physical strength and eyesight, the elderly usually choose 3. 6 or 4.5 fishing rods, which is convenient for saving physical strength. When observing floating, young people can naturally use long rods. When using the fishing platform, you can use either a long rod or a short rod.

The light fishing rod uses a long rod, while the heavy fishing rod uses a short rod, which saves effort and trouble in casting. Generally, soft fishing rods are heavier, while hard fishing rods are lighter. After all, wild fishing is mainly for leisure and entertainment. It’s embarrassing to feel tired physically and mentally after all.

Generally, it is better to use short rods for night fishing, which seems to be a bit contradictory to night fishing for big fish. In fact, it is not always true. Generally, considering safety, convenience, labor saving and other factors, choosing 4. 5 fishing rods is enough! Either too long or too short is suitable.

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