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How to choose and buy fishing rods more clearly

Fishing rods are very important equipment for anglers. A good fishing rod can make the angler more comfortable in controlling the fish, can also make other operations of the angler more leisurely, and can also make various operations of the angler more accurate and in place. The fishing rods in the current market are diverse, and the price is also the difference between heaven and earth. Advertising is even overwhelming, making anglers dazzled and bewildered. Many fishing friends have only a partial understanding of fishing rod knowledge and do not understand various parameters. Today, I will tell my fishing friends that

Fishing rod material

Let’s explain the material of the fishing rod first. Currently, the most important fishing rods on the market are carbon fiber fishing rods, as well as a very small amount of glass fiber fishing rods. Glass fiber materials are almost out of the market, but the reason they still exist is that they are cheap, have good strength, and are relatively strong. However, the fatal disadvantage is that they are too heavy. Carbon fiber materials have advantages beyond price and have no fatal disadvantages, so they are absolutely mainstream in the market.

Both glass fiber and carbon fiber are made of cloth like raw materials rolled into the rod section of a fishing rod, and then formed into a fishing rod. “Cloth” is the most important raw material, and the quality of “cloth” directly determines the quality of the fishing rod. I won’t introduce glass fiber fishing rods, but mainly introduce the raw materials of carbon fiber fishing rods, namely carbon cloth. In short, the most important indicator of carbon cloth is the carbon content of carbon cloth. The carbon cloth with higher carbon content has the lightest mass under the same strength. That is to say, the fishing rod made of carbon cloth with higher carbon content has stronger strength and higher hardness under the same mass. Simply put, the higher the carbon content, the lighter, harder, and stiffer the fishing rod made.

Fishing rod parameters

Fishing friends choose fishing rods based on some criteria or parameters. This is because fishing rods, as a commodity, inherently have various parameters or standards. However, some of these standards are very important to anglers, while others can be sloppy. For example, the first and second meridians refer to the thickness of the fishing rod. Shrinkage length refers to the length of the rod that is retracted. The number of knots refers to the total number of knots of the pole. These indicators can be a bit sloppy, but there is nothing more than a slight deviation, so the current production process will not be too poor.

Fishing rod weight

When selecting a fishing rod, attention should be paid to weight, toughness (or strength, fishing weight), and tonality. These indicators are important indicators of a fishing rod, and they are closely related to each other. They are also fundamental to a fishing rod. Among these three indicators, as consumers, we, as consumers, are not good at detecting resilience, and we can only rely on the conscience of the manufacturer to avoid too much moisture. The remaining weight is easy to detect, just weigh it. It should be noted that the weight marked by the manufacturer is the bare center of the fishing rod and does not include front and rear blocking. In this regard, some manufacturers have resorted to trickery by using heavy back plugs to counteract the problem of heavy pole loads.

Tonality of fishing rod

The tonality is the standard of the hardness of the rod. This indicator refers to the position at which the fishing rod bends when subjected to force. The closer the position of the bend is to the tip of the rod, the harder the rod is. For example, a fishing rod with a 28 degree adjustment bends at two tenths of the end of the rod tip when subjected to force. The same 37 is at three tenths of the position, and 19 is at one tenth of the position. Hard poles are now popular, starting with a basic 28 key adjustment.

Why are these three items fundamental and closely related to fishing rods? Because the difference between fishing rods is mainly caused by the difference in price, cheap fishing rods often highlight one indicator at the expense of another. “If a fishing rod has high adjustability and light weight, its toughness will be poor and very brittle.”. “If a fishing rod is light in weight and has good toughness, it will be very heavy.”. Of course, this is a problem with lower priced fishing rods. A good fishing rod will balance these three well, with great efforts made in terms of raw materials and production techniques, and the price will naturally be higher. Fishing friends should choose fishing rods that are cheap. Personally, I believe that the standard of sacrificing weight is the most reliable, which means that when fishing rods are cheap, weight should not be taken into account.

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