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How to Choose a Suitable Fishing Rods

For people who like fishing, each of them will have several fishing rods, but different people have different ideas on how to choose a fishing rod. Some people will choose expensive rod, they think expensive rod with good quality. Some people like to choose cheap ones. They will think when holding a big fish, if rods broken it’s not painful. So today let’s talk about how to choose a fishing rod.

1.How much carbon content in a fishing rod

Many fishing rods are marked 24t, 30t or even 45t. In short, it means how much carbon contented in this finishing rod. The higher the number, the higher the carbon contented, that is, the difference between high carbon and low carbon. The higher the T value, the lighter and straighter the fishing rod is, but it is more brittle. That’s why, many fishing friends bought high-carbon fishing rods at a high price, but it broken quickly when holding a fish around 2-3kg. Generally speaking, the fishing rod with high carbon level is used for competitive fishing, especially for small fish below 1.5kg. In this way, the fishing rod can be very good and light, and it will not be too hard to throw and lift the rod frequently. In short, if you go wild fishing with a high carbon fishing rod, your rods will easy break. Therefore, other materials need to be added in the production process of the fishing rod to improve the elasticity and toughness of the fishing rod. If there are many other materials, the fishing rod must be soft and heavy.

2.Elasticity of fishing rod

The elasticity of the fishing rod means whether the rod is soft or hard. Generally speaking, it is the place where the fishing rod bends after being stressed. The closer to the top of rod, the harder it is. Choosing the elasticity of the fishing rod depends on the finishing environment and fishing species. Generally speaking, hard rods are the best for small fish. A soft pole is much better in wild finishing, when fishing for big fish in the wild, fishing friends are usually advised to use a soft rod. Although the fish lifting speed is slow, it has good toughness and is not easy to run the fish.

3.Feel of fishing rod

Here is another important point of the fishing rod, that is, the weight of the fishing rod. It is not say a lighter rod is good. You need to pull out the fishing rod and see where the gravity center of the whole fishing rod is. The center more closer to handle, the better the pole will be. For example, two same pole, one is 100g lighter with higher gravity center, but the heavy one has a lower gravity center . When fishing, you may feel that the heavy one feels light in your hand than the lighter weight one. So choose a fishing rod, not the lighter the better, but the lighter it feels in your hand. The center of gravity is low, so it saves energy when throwing and lifting the rod. Therefore, in order to make strong rods, some top of a fishing rods will be slightly solid. This kind of fishing rod is very suitable for fishing big fish. However, many fishing friends will feel that the top is heavy. For the top heavy fishing rod, we can increase weight the handle, For example, add a metal plug on the handle, or even a long metal plug. Although the weight of the fishing rod has increased, it feels lighter in your hand.

The above is some personal advice in choosing fishing rods. Hope it will help when you choose fishing rods.

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