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Fishermen Must Know the Classification of Fishing Rods

Fishing rod is a kind of fishing tool. It looks like a slender multi section rod. It usually has a handle, which gradually becomes thin and sharp from the handle to the rear end. It should be used by connecting a fishing line with a hook with bait. Up to now, more functional fishing rods have emerged, which are the knowledge that a fisherman must understand

The fishing rods we use now are generally divided into two categories: hand rod and throwing rod. The hand pole is also divided into stream pole and table fishing pole, and the throwing pole is divided into sea pole, rock pole. The difference between the hand pole and the throwing pole is that the hand pole does not carry a fishing wheel, and the throwing pole carries a fishing wheel.

1. Platform fishing rod

Platform fishing rod: it is specially used for platform fishing method. A light and thin fishing rod can be called a platform fishing rod.

When selecting the pole, first look at the appearance of the pole, the paint finish, and there are no spots. The adhesion between the pole tip and the flexible wire joint is good or not, and the joint between each section of the pole and the previous section is even or not. Check whether there are cracks at both ends of each pole and whether the pipe wall is uniform. If necessary, check the embedded joint length of each pole, 20-40mm. When choosing in a fishing shop, you should first look at the instructions There are instructions on the outer packing box and the rod handle.

Contraction length: generally divided into rod contraction length (the contraction length of platform rod is generally 1 m to 1.1 m);

Carbon content: above 98%;

Weight: the weight of 3.6m rod should be less than 85g, the weight of 4.5m rod should be less than 120g, and the weight of 5.4m rod should be less than 180g.

2. Stream pole

Stream pole: generally length 50-80cm, 50-70 is called short pole, and 70-80 is called medium pole. It is specially designed for fishing in the stream. It has a short section and is easy to carry. It is mainly used to catch small fish in the stream.

Advantages and disadvantages of stream pole:

Short section, easy to carry; The section length of the platform fishing rod is not convenient to carry;

The stream pole has many sections, low hardness and low price. It is only suitable for fishing for small fish species. It often likes to break the pole in case of large fish.

3. Rock pole

The rock rod, it was originally mainly used for sea rock fishing, but now it has become a necessary weapon for freshwater fishing. The rock rod is between the hand rod and the sea rod, which is softer than the sea rod and is not suitable for long-distance fishing. It is generally used in small and medium-sized fishing boats, and the length is generally between 3.6m-7.2m.

Features of rocking pole:

Rock rods are more expensive, mainly due to different materials and prices. There are many kinds of rock rods, not only the difference of length, but also the difference of softness, the number represents the difference of carbon content;

4. Sea pole

Sea pole, also known as throwing pole or throwing pole. It is equipped with a winding wheel on the handle of the fishing rod, which is wrapped with fishing line, so that when throwing hard, the bait hook can be thrown into the far away water. Because it has many advantages, it is rapidly popularized and has become a necessary fishing tackle for many fishermen.

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