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Don't let fishing pollute the environment - be a civilized angler

Don’t let fishing pollute the environment – be a civilized angler

The reservoir is sparkling, with clear water quality. Fish swim around in the water, and fishermen in twos and threes standing quietly by the reservoir, holding their poles. This is such a harmonious and desirable living environment. But there are always some less beautiful notes appearing, what’s going on? As my family lives by the reservoir, I will discuss the impact of fishing on the environment based on the actual situation I usually see.

The joy of fishing and the consequences of uncivilized behavior

Fishing can make people confident, rational, calm, and steady. Fishing can cultivate one’s character and engage in leisure and fitness. Therefore, fishing is a highly entertaining and extensive sport that can be participated in by men, women, and children of all ages. However, have we noticed that after fishing, the warehouse was in a mess: cigarette boxes were everywhere, plastic bags were flying in the sky, various food packaging bags were countless, empty plastic bottles rolled down the river in the wind, and some people even casually threw garbage into the reservoir while fishing, especially in remote fishing grounds, which became a natural garbage dump. Imagine if everyone didn’t pay attention to environmental hygiene and littered around, how much household waste would they bring to the water in a year?

Moreover, due to unsupervised cleaning of the outdoor environment, many household waste cannot be naturally decomposed in the short term, and it takes several years or even more to be absorbed by nature. This approach of only focusing on harvest without paying attention to environmental protection has polluted many natural rivers, reservoirs, and lakes, and even directly affected our lives.

Don't let fishing pollute the environment - be a civilized angler

Protecting the environment means protecting human beings

In order to restore freshwater resources and improve the ecological environment, the fisheries department will release fish fry to the reservoir in early spring every year. The placement of these freshwater fish fry can effectively inhibit and reduce the production of algae in the reservoir, which plays an important environmental role in improving the water quality of the reservoir and creating a good ecological foundation for our urban environment.

By releasing seedlings, the fishery population in the reservoir can be recovered, multiplied and lived, the diversity of aquatic organisms can be maintained, the ecological balance of water area can be promoted, the sustainable development of fishery resources in the reservoir can be ensured, and the original appearance of natural landscape water body in the reservoir can be restored. However, many anglers are eager to fish in the spring before the fry have grown up, but they do not have the consciousness to release them. The number of fry carrying a “historical mission” has decreased significantly, becoming a delicacy on the angler’s table, fulfilling many of their wishes to create a beautiful hometown.

So, I believe that a healthy exercise cannot become a “killer” of protecting the natural environment due to the uncivilized practices of some citizens. I suggest that fishermen can achieve the following: civilized fishing, and become a harmonious scenery in their beautiful hometown.

Five tips on civilized fishing

1、 Do not litter while fishing, bring your own garbage bag to collect garbage, and take it away after fishing to keep the site clean;

2、 Do not use toxic and harmful bait, and waste lead pendants should be promptly recycled to reduce pollution to water quality;

3、 Not damaging public resources and green vegetation in the reservoir area, and not damaging villagers’ crops;

4、 After catching fish during fishing, it is necessary to keep the fish large and let the fish small to protect the fish resources;

5、 Actively report illegal activities such as fishing nets, electric fish, and medicinal fish.

Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. As long as one becomes a civilized angler, it will not have an impact on the environment.

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