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Do You Know Some Mistakes in Purchasing Fishing Rods

Dear fishing friends, are you very confused when buying fishing rods? What kind do you want to buy? Which one is better? And there are various of businesses advertising, which makes it more difficult for you to choose. This time I will share my knowledge of choosing fishing rods.

1.Hard rods are good.

It is believed that many beginners are struggling with the choice of the hardness of the fishing rod, and various manufacturers have also appeared 8H, 10H, or even 15H. Most fishermen choose to fish in black hole. Hard rods can catch fish more quickly. However, hard rods also have their disadvantages, such as being hard and heavy, having no feel when returning to fish, and not protecting the thread when feeding large fish. On the contrary, some people not for fishing, but for the feel of fish and fishing experience, so the soft rod is more suitable.

Therefore, when choosing a fishing rod, you must first understand your own fishing scene. You really need a hard rod to catch fish in the hole or not, it is more appropriate for outdoor fishing to use a little soft fishing rods..

2.The top heavy fishing rod is bad or good?

The center of gravity of the fishing rod is within a quarter of the place where the fishing rod is close to the handlebar. The closer the to the rear plug, the lighter the weight is, the better the feel is. The closer the center of gravity is to the pole, the worse the feel. To sum up, a light fishing rod is better if it is used in frequently fishing. If it is used to large fishing in the wild and needs to swim fish, a heavy top fishing rod will be more coordinated and better than a light top fishing rod. To sum up, a light head is not necessarily suitable for all scenes. A fishing rod that for large fishing does not need to pay special attention to whether it is heavy top fishing rod.

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3.The lighter and thinner the better fishing rod?

If I sacrifice the performance of the fishing rod to make it light and thin, can I be praised? I once used a fishing rod, which is also the current fishing rod of a treasure explosion. It is indeed very light and thin. But after a slightly larger fish is hit, the first few sections quickly bend, directly transferring the force to the end sections. This rod is really light and thin, but can you say that it is a good fishing rod?

4.Blind pursuit of high carbon

It is known that high carbon fishing rods are good.However, the higher of carbon, the harder the rod is, and the more brittle the rod will be. If a small fish that can easily break the fishing rod when lifting the rod quickly. Therefore, a beginner friend should choose a fishing rod rather than a fishing rod with a lower carbon. It is durable and economical.

Finally, an advice for beginner fishing friends. It doesn’t exist 100% perfect fishing rod. Your primary goal is to buy a good price fishing rod to catch the fish first. When the real fish comes ashore, you will know what you want to pursue. If you know your expectations, you can buy what you want.

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